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Joining the Song of Jesus

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Date: September 16, 2018

Speaker: Mike Juday

Series: Legacy

Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:1–2:7


Walking with others walking with Christ



Faithful Living

"Ever since the Enlightenment Western societies have been obsessed with autonomy, and in the past few hundred years we have put autonomy at the center of our lives, economically, politically, and technologically; often, when we think about what it means to be happy, we think of freedom from our circumstances. Unfortunately, we’ve taken things too far: we’re now addicted to liberation, and we regard any situation—a movie, a conversation, a one-block walk down a city street—as a kind of prison. Distraction is a way of asserting control; it’s autonomy run amok. Technologies of escape, like the smartphone, tap into our habits of secession."- Matthew Crawford, The World Beyond Your Head: Becoming an Individual in an Age of Distraction


Gospel Understanding

“I can show you honey. You can marvel at its golden hue, the way it refracts light, and its viscosity. And I can tell you that it is sweet… and you can believe that it is sweet. But unless you have tasted it, you don’t know it is sweet. Believing honey is sweet doesn’t mean you really know it is sweet. I could be lying to you. You only know honey is sweet when you have tasted it” - Jonathan Edwards, Religious Affections

“The way God designed us to see and own our interpretations of life (and thus have a clear sense of our identity) is through the telling of our story in the presence of a loving, wise person” - Plass and Cofield, The Relational Soul


Relational Care



Discipleship Practice

  • Be intentional
  • Accept your limitations
  • Know Christ is the Good Shepherd