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Replacing God

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Date: August 19, 2018

Speaker: Jay O'Brien

Series: Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 32:1–32:6

Our impatience reveals our idolatry 

  • We idolize sentimental practices
“Because idolatry is the most destructive of sinful conditions, the greatest danger to the true faithfulness of the American church comes not from without but from within. That danger is not persecution or victimization or accusations of hypocrisy, but our own all-too-easy tendency to sentimentalize our faith. To sentimentalize the faith is to instrumentalize it, to make it a tool of our ambitions, our comfort, and our security. Sentimentalization is mild-mannered idolatry, sin sweetened and trivialized. Sentimentality kills vital faith with bland complacency.” Rodney Clap, Johnny Cash and the Great American Contradiction
  • We idolize present satisfaction
  • We idolize progress
  • We idolize power to control

Jesus at the center brings liberation

  • Liberated to be present with people in pain
  • Liberated to find satisfaction in God
  • Liberated to see people as human beings
  • Liberated to rest in God’s providential power