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Song of Salvation

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Date: April 29, 2018

Speaker: Jay O'Brien

Series: Exodus

Scripture: Exodus 15:1–15:27

See the beautiful work of salvation 

Stuart stops dead.


     "Look!" he says. "Look at that!"

     "What?" I say, turning and shading my eyes. "I can't see anything."

     "Look toward the sun."

     "I am!"

     "Look down!"

 Then I see it. The bare field we’d flown the hawk upon is covered in gossamer, millions of shining threads combed downwind across every inch of soil. Lit by the sinking sun the quivering silk runs like light on water all the way to my feet. It is a thing of unearthly beauty, the work of a million tiny spiders searching for new homes….I stare at the field for a long time.

Helen Macdonald, H Is for Hawk


Surrender to the King of salvation 

For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.

1 Corinthians 5:21


Sing the song of salvation 

  • through artistic expression  

“In my experience the Christian painter or poet, sculptor or dancer, is regularly regarded as something of a curiosity, to be tolerated, humoured even, maybe even allowed to put on a show once in a while. But the idea that they are, or could be, anything more than that—that they have a vocation to re-imagine and re-express the beauty of God, to lift our sights and change our vision of reality—is often not even considered.”

N.T. Wright


I would say to young peoplea number of things, and I have only one minute.I would say — let them rememberthat there is a meaning beyond absurdity.Let them be sure that every little deed counts,that every word has power,and that we do — everyone — our shareto redeem the world, in spite of all absurdities,and all the frustrations, and all the disappointmentAnd above all, remember that the meaning of lifeis to live life as if it were a work of art.

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel



  • through lives that reveal God's beauty and love