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What's Happening this Sunday: August 25, 2013

August 22, 2013 by Mike Juday 0 comments

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Have you ever questioned the purpose of prayer? Or thought "why do prayers for good things seemingly go unanswered sometimes"? We'll be addressing these very questions pertaining to prayer this Sunday at our worship gathering. This will be our last week in James. If there are any sermons that you missed or would like to hear again, feel free to download and listen here.

Gabe deGarmeaux will preach from James 5:13-20


Through the liturgy, we will recognize and celebrate the great lengths that God went to have a relationship with us and how prayer is a vital way to maintain our relationship with God.

Read and celebrate our call to worship:

Jesus said this: "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends."

And Christ has claimed us as friends. This friendship runs so deep that Christ, knowing equality with God could never be grasped, became a servant. Humbling himself to become obedient to the punishment that our sins prescribed for us.

So that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Based on John 15:13-14 and Philippians 2:6-11


Some songs that we will be singing are:

Amazing Grace (God of Grace) - A new arrangement of an old hymn, God's grace is at the forefront of our minds and our hearts.

Our Boast - It is only through the sacrifice of Christ that we are able to have right relationship with God. Let's cast aside our selfish pride and place all of our pride in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Made Alive - We were once dead but God has brough us back to life through the Holy Spirit when we place our faith in Christ alone. At SCC, we've changed the words from "I, me, my" to "we, us, our" to communicate the communal side our of salvation. The song is not broken or incorrect; we changed it to fit our context.

It is Finished - Jesus' dying words on the cross, "It is finished" celebrates that Christ has paid the penalty for all and all are invited into relationship with God!!


It has been great to study the gospel through the book of James together this Summer. Let the urgency to act not end when James ends but let's make it a normal rhythm of life. Let's pray together that God would bless this celebration of the gospel and that we would grow in godliness and in number. We always pray together for the worship gathering at 10am and all are welcome! Please join us! See you on Sunday morning.

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