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What's Happening this Sunday: August 11, 2013

August 8, 2013 by Mike Juday 0 comments

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Sunday, we continue our journey through James as he unpacks what a gospel transformed life looks like. Last week, we were reminded of the need to remember God and keep Him at the center of our life and plans. This week, we will be looking at a difficult passage, James 5:1-6, and how the gospel transforms the way in which we view or money. Do we view money as a means for our own selfish ends? Or, do we view money as a blessing from God to be used to bless others?

Jay O'Brien will preach from James 5:1-6


Through the liturgy, we will remind ourselves and each other that God is a God who gives gifts. God has given us the ultimate gift the Jesus Christ and we are called to be generous givers on this Earth, using Christ as our example.

Reflect on this prayer of confession:

O Lord, great God,
all holy, Father most gracious,
filled with mercy and steadfast love,
we are embarrassed to come before you,
for we have preferred the ways of this world to your ways,
for we have rebelled against your wisdom
and we have gotten into trouble,
we have rejected your fatherly guidance
and have gotten lost altogether.
To you belongs righteousness, O Lord,
and to us confusion of face.
O Lord, great God,
all holy, filled with awe,
Father, most gracious,
filled with mercy and steadfast love,
incline your ear to our troubles.
Hear us when we pour out our sorrows before you.
Forgive us,
not on the ground of our own righteousness,
but on the ground of your great mercy.
On the ground of your great mercy
in the gift of your Son, Jesus Christ.
It is in his name that we pray,
for he is our Savior and the mediator of the covenant of grace. Amen.
—based on Daniel 9:4-19


Let's prepare our hearts and our minds for this Sunday. Join us in prayer as we pray that we would be a generous people, following the model of Christ Jesus. 

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