Sunday Worship Gathering 11 AM @ North Community Lutheran Church

114 Morse Road Columbus, OH 43214 (Map)



What's happening this coming Sunday 7/14/13

July 11, 2013 by Mike Juday 0 comments

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This Sunday, SCC will continue through James. Last Sunday, we learned about the tensions between faith and works and how they should work together. This Sunday, we'll talk about the power of our words. It's not for no reason that James wrote this letter in the order. Words have a deep impact, positive and negative, on all of us.


 Mike Juday will be preaching from James 3:1-12


 I encourage all of us to link arms in prayer, asking that the Holy Spirit would convict us and encourage us in the specific areas that we need and that we would be able to reveal the grace of God in all of our words.

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